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Which Bleach character are you?
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Bleach Rating

Welcome to bleach_rating! Find out which Bleach character you're most like! Make sure you read the rules, or you could get into some trouble. If you have any questions, direct them to one of the mods. ♥

Creator: famness
Maintainer: mint_chan
Mods: croisee, ladyofcarribean, mad_scientist_x, yumi_jean_sana, hikaruuchiha, mint

and important information...
Members that currently need votes: here
Stamps made by:zer0__, mint & sakurasaku
Characters pictures & names: here
Voting help (describers of characters): here
Journal layout made by: minty_peach

1. No flaming/insulting anybody.
2. You must be a member to post.
3. Even if you are not stamped you can vote, so please do! Since many people join to be stamped and do not like to vote on others, this causes problems in everyone getting enough votes. A new rule is you must vote on 3 other applications, and link them to your application so mods know you are being truthful. Voting on someone only takes a few minutes and shouldn't be trouble for anyone to do. Failure to post these links will get you a "warning" to edit your post and put up the links. If the links are not added in 24 hours of the warning, the application will be deleted. If for some reason when you join and all the recent applications have been stamped or there are not at least three unstamped applications, say so in your application and you will not get a warning.
4. So I know that you read the rules, put "Soul Society" as the subject. If this title is missing, you will receive a warning. If this is not fixed in 24 hours of the warning, the application will be deleted.
5. Please post your application as a community post, NOT at your own journal. Though, feel free to post a copy or a link to your rating post on your own journal.
6. You must fill out the full aplication and post it, obviously. BOLD questions and put it behind a LJ-cut, please. Also, remember the more detail and time you put into your application, the more accurate your results will be. Pretend everything except the obvious asks "and why".
7. Be realistic. No silly answers like, "I like to attack Ichigo with my Zanpakutou."
8. You may apply to be re-stamped three weeks after your first stamp; please include a link to your first stamping as well.
9. Once you get 7 votes or after 1 week ( you may have less votes and already be stamped if voting is pretty unanimous ), you will get stamped.
10. No advertising. We are not accepting affiliates at this time.

when voting...
2. Forgot a name? Try here for pictures + name of bleach characters.


Need help finding unstamped applications to vote on? You can find them all here, through tags!

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